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About Brookson Research

When describing the contemporary period, from, say, the middle of the last century to the present, it will most likely be summed up as one of profound change. Within the last few decades, however, such societal change has been further characterised by two defining features: its global breadth and its rapidity. One aspect of such change of particular interest to the researcher is the revelation at the international level of a socio-economic-environmental system every bit as complex and comprising elements every bit as interrelated as its physical counterpart: the ecosystem. The continual transfer of industrial technique; the spread of communications capacity; shifting wage levels; movements of urban labour and changes in expenditure patterns amongst differing population segments in one part of the world can quickly come to have marked effects on a range of socio-economic issues in another.

As can be readily appreciated, the extent and impact of these changes have come to pose new challenges for both commercial and government decision makers alike. Changes in national demographic profiles; the location, distribution and scale of manufacturing and service enterprises; changing social values, family structure and relationships all present challenges to decision makers. Moreover, at the technological level these changes also involve another feature. Developments in information technology now mean that populations, both as consumers and citizens, have much greater access to information—of varying degrees of reliability—than ever before.

It is here that sound research activity comes to the fore in providing the bases for such decision making. So as to calculate the dynamics of their markets, to assess public opinion amongst increasingly diversified populations and forecasting changes within these various contexts decision makers increasingly require carefully devised and implemented means for gathering and analysing such information. It is within this research environment that Brookson Research has been serving its clients for the last two decades working with commercial enterprises, international and national government agencies and not for profit organizations. Supplying strategic information through a variety of methods and research techniques we recognise that there is no standardized format but, rather, the need to construct and apply methodology specific to each unique client and client’s goals. This has long been, and will continue to be, a pillar of our reputation.